The Holistic Healing Project

Emotional Healing, Trauma Release and Holistic Wellbeing


Because humanity needs this healing for people to be able to develop into a new age of peaceful and abundant life for all beings on Earth.

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Come to Tenerife for a full retreat

In 2022 we start offering individual 4 week retreats on the island

If you feel exhausted, depressed or have lost your sense of purpose and direction for your life, this is the time for something new – like a reboot of your system.

Our healers and therapists support you on your healing journey on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

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Hendrik Roggemann
Hendrik RoggemannHypno-Therapist, Esp. Inner Child and Trauma Work
My passion, and my field of work is trauma healing and inner child work. I am also including intuitive methods. In addition, I am a certified practitioner of The Completion Process by Teal Swan, a powerful trauma healing process that uses a combination of techniques, including inner child work, to release and heal trauma.

Since 2018, where I got in touch with plant medicine in Peru myself, I work also as a Psychedelic Integration Coach, helping with the integration of plant medicine experiences such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro or psychedelic “magic” mushrooms.

Sandra (Sanni) Diesner
Sandra (Sanni) DiesnerDesigner and Space Creator
I am passionate about designing spaces and clothing. I have created healing houses in Los Angeles, Germany, and Tenerife, where people can connect through art and music, experiencing profound healing. As a mother of four sons, I possess boundless energy and strong problem-solving skills. Connection is vital to me, not just online but also in person and heart to heart.

In addition to our regular team, we cooperate with different facilitators, therapists, and shamans from our network.

Simona Fischbach
Simona FischbachMassage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Occupational Therapist
I am happy to offer you healing sessions to unwind and relax the tensed, traumatized parts of your body.
Mainly influenced by Biodynamic Rebalancing and MER (Myofascial energetic release) and my 13 years of experience as an occupational therapist, I work in the deep tissue, and we move stuck energy in your system.
Because suppressed emotions and fears are locked into the body memory, it will support you to release stress and trauma on the physical level and you will feel more at ease within yourself.
I also offer individual sessions of Yoga according to your posture and pain areas as a further support of your self-healing potential and re-alignment.

Based on Tenerife and La Palma

Aurélie Annalys Aora
Aurélie Annalys AoraNaturopath - Trauma & Transgenerational Healing
I am a certified Naturopath and Trauma-Informed Therapist specializing in Psycho Emotional Healing.
I stand by the following quote:
“Healing starts when we stop asking ourselves: “What’s wrong with me?” and start asking ourselves “What happened to me?””
My goal is to create a safe container so you can unfold yourself and come back to your authenticity.
The processes I will guide you through are drowned from my personal experience recovering from eating disorders, anxiety, and intergenerational traumas.
Depending on the circumstances I use different tools such as Systemic Constellations, Naturopathy, Reframing, Visualizations, Embodiment, and Effective Questioning. With your consent, I will use my channeling abilities to support the process so we can work together and create a reality that you feel deeply aligned with.